The Benefit Of  Becoming A Member

Reinforcing The Justice Network

Aside from the obvious tangibles such as quarterly newsletters and the right to participate in all activities of the Association, each member becomes part of a rapidly growing network of minority-oriented criminal justice professionals who are dedicated to improving all aspects of our criminal justice process.

Criminal justice and the area of public policy is where burn out is most intensive.

The network tends to become reinforced and strengthened with each new member and with each activity sponsored by the Association Regional and annual conferences help to focus national attention on the major issues confronting our justice delivery systems. Training sessions are regularly conducted utilizing leading criminal justice experts. The Association places special attention on major legislation affecting the criminal al justice system at the local, state, and federal levels. NABCJ is frequently called upon to provide testimony on pending legislation, aimed at changing some aspect of the process.

Criminal justice, be it corrections, law enforcement, probation, parole, or any of the other related areas of the system, is perhaps, the area of public policy where burn out is most intensive. NABCJ is committed to working to ensure that burn out for those who are employed in criminal justice-related activities occurs at a much slower rate. Accordingly, the Association places considerable emphasis on fostering among its members a genuine sense of appreciation, respect, and support for each other. NABCJ sponsored activities are characterized by a high level of professionalism, a strong mixture of serious -minded hard work, coupled with an appropriate amount of relaxed camaraderie.


It’s a great way to meet and get to know people who share similar interests, gather information, and develop contacts.


NABCJ offers speakers, seminars, and workshops which allow members to keep up with the latest developments in the criminal justice field.


It’s a morale-boosting reminder that you’re e part of the “Big Picture.” You are with others in the same line of work in your community, state, and the county.

Job Opportunities

Members offer mentorship’s to those aspiring to grow in the profession. You can develop ways on how to climb the career ladder. You get a real return on your time, energy, and money. NABCJ’s newsletters contain valuable information regarding job opportunities throughout the nation.

Professional Credibility

It’s an indication that you’re taking your profession seriously. It gives you increased visibility and, if you have the time to get involved, can enhance your career reputation.


 Board Members

Charles Bradley


Donald Christian

President -Elect

Lanaya McDonald

Vice President 

Tracy Tyson-Parker

 Midwest Regional Director

Vernise Robinson

Immediate Past President 

Clara Golding-Kent


Stephanie DeVincent



Assistant Treasurer